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Valentina Rebolledo

He joined in May of the 2019

Hello travelers! My name is Valentina. I am a lover of photography, of good adventure, of discovering new cultures, of animals and, of course, of what I love the most, traveling. At the age of 23, I gave up my work and a life in an office to travel the world alone. My camera and my backpack were my best friends. I traveled through 5 continents and I went to 35 countries for 1 year and a half. It became the best experience of my entire life. Nowadays I am working in what I have studied (advertising) in Santiago de Chile. Now I’m starting by my own a brand of jewelry that I design. I do them by myself because I want to continue traveling and take my art to every new existing culture that, without a doubt, is waiting for me! Good trip ADVENTURES! Enter my Instagram and look at my photos!

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