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Indonesia: Bali

Publication date: 16 May 2019
  • Experiences USD 47
  • Accommodation USD 80
  • Transport USD 34
  • Total experience USD 1380

Know the destination

The best island and the best vibes of all Asia.

Through a week we will go to different wonderful points this island has.

Although it is small, there is much to see and know in Bali in a week. Paradisiacal beaches with the best surf spots to surf unforgettable waves, temples in the middle of the jungle with millions of naughty monkeys and millenary trees.

Culture, religion and the best spots to party or hang out and why not, to go to get the best massages in Indonesia. Much good vibes, joy and wonder is what awaits for you in Bali; the perfect island.

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DAY TO DAY Itinerary day by day

The prices that appear per day are referential and correspond to the sum of activities that were made that day

    DAY 1 USD 27

    Arriving at the Ngurah Rai airport, we go head to Canggu which is about 35 minutes from the airport. When you arrive to Canggu, rent a scooter to go along with you throughout your entire journey. Rent the motorcycle offered by your hotel, in my case the Koa Surfer Hotel and go out to explore the beaches, its streets, restaurants like Deus Ex Machine with all the vibe, walk around the rice terraces and take surf lessons with the guys from Charlie Brown Bali Surf.

    DAY 2 USD

    This day we head to Seminyak on our motorbike to walk through its beautiful streets and go shopping. It is in this place where you can take opportunity to buy very nice things like clothes or Surf items in the Drifter Surf store, bikinis or jewelry in the Rabia Jewellry store, etc. In the afternoon, go to one of the best spots in Seminyak, Potato Head, a beach club with a pool facing the beach, good music and good food. The entry is free but you must consume something.

    DAY 3 USD 2

    We grab our bike and go to Uluwatu for about 50 minutes. An area with the best beaches in Bali and the best spots to go out at night. There we are gonna stay for 2 nights to visit the beaches and breathe the surfing vibes. Visit the beach of Uluwatu entering through a place called Single Fin (free entrance) where you can spend the whole afternoon and enjoy a good party at night. And for the sunset go to the cliff temple; The Uluwatu Temple.

    DAY 4 USD

    On your motorcycle you can get to any beach you want always by asking someone the way to get there. Dedicate this day to go through each of them. Among these you should go to Dreamland, Binjing, Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Green Bowl and if you are motivated you can dedicate the rest of the day to Nusa Dua.

    DAY 5 USD 10

    With our motorbike, backpack and with new clothes we go to Ubud. One of the most magical places on the island where you can really see the Balinese religion. On your first day in this place I recommend you to walk and admire its streets, clothing stores, silver jewelry, meals, etc. It’s really beautiful. Go to the Ubud market to get things at a cheaper price and at night attend the Kecak Fire dance show.

    DAY 6 USD 8

    Get up early to make a full day in temples. The first one you should go to is the Monkey Forest which, as its name says, is a beautiful temple with naughty monkeys that can steal your belongings amid the immense vegetation. Then go to the Tirta Empul, the temple of water where I suggest you live the experience. And the third thing you have to do is to go through the Tegalalang area to admire the rice terraces. The next day we go to the airport to end this magical trip.

ACCOMMODATION Lodging per night

The lodging that is shown in the list of each night is recommended by the traveler, you can find more similar options. The cost is per person in a double bed room.

Night City Recommended accommodation Type of lodging Cost of the person
Night 1 Canggu Koa d Surfer Hotel Hotel USD 18
Night 2 Canggu Koa d Surfer Hotel Hotel USD 18
Night 3 Uluwatu The Bingin Green View Hotel USD 14
Night 4 Uluwatu The Bingin Green View Hotel USD 14
Night 5 Ubud Kunyit Gootama 20 Hostel USD 8
Yoga's House House Private Room
Utu Homestay Hostel
Umayuri Inn Hostel
Night 6 Ubud Kunyit Gootama 20 Hostel USD 8

TRANSPORT Transportation per day

The prices that appear by transport are referential and correspond to what the traveler paid at that moment

Nº Day Origin Destination Link web Type of transport Cost
Day 1 Arpt Bali (DPS) Canggu Taxi USD 5
Day 1 Canggu Beaches Motorbike Rent x 6 Days USD 24
Day 3 Canggu Uluwatu Motorbike Rent USD
Day 5 Uluwatu Ubud Motorbike Rent USD
Day 7 Ubud Canggu Motorbike Rent USD
Day 7 Canggu Arpt Bali (DPS) Taxi USD 5

RECOMMENDATIONS Tips for your trip

I recommend you to buy clothes and surf items at Drifter Surf Bali Shop and typical jewels from Bali at Rabia Jewelery

Some of the things that I recommend you to go and do, is to have breakfast at Nalu Bowls in Canggu, to go to Potato Head beach Club in Seminyak, to go to Single Fin Club and to the surf point view (best parties in Uluwatu) and to go for lunch / to go for a walk / of party to the local DEUS EX MACHINE

I recommend buying every entrance ticket to the temples, directly in the temples. If you want a tour that already has everything included, I recommend this tour to the rice fields of Ubud, Temples and visit a volcano.

Important information:

You must have a international license to rent a motor scooter to be able to transport around the island. If you do not have it, the police will stop you and make you pay a very high sum of money. I recommend renting a motorcycle per person for safety.

For this trip, it is important that you can carry a baggage that allows you to travel by motorcycle. Since you will go to different places to stay, the bike will be your only mode of transportation.

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