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You will discover travelers and experiences that adapt to your style and travel budget with all the direct links to book if you want to do the same as them. We hope that with these images and the value of a travel amount, you can be inspire and decide what to do when choosing a destination.

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If you like a destination, do not miss the opportunity to visit it. Sometimes is cheaper that you think. Let’s take a look at the trips that these passionate travelers have made and in this way, ours, should be easier. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Get out of your comfort zone and discover a new experience.

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The budget is a referential value of what the travelers spent in activities, accommodation and transportation in a destination, during their stay, not including food and beverages except the ones that are included in the activities or lodging. This helps you to have an idea of how much it can cost you a trip to a specific destination choosing a traveling style.

  • Experiences

    Excursions, Adventure, Culture, Themes, Music, Theatrical shows. Festivals and attractions. Recreational activities.

  • Transportation

    Plane, public transportation, shuttles, taxis, train, car rentals, ferry that you hire while you are in a destination.

  • Accommodation

    Apartments, Hostels, Lodges, Bed & Breakfast, Pensions and Motels. Privates rooms, Share rooms. Breakfast and meals included. Accommodations fees and rates.

Considerations that we ask you to read at least once.

Most of our trips are 6 nights long. Why? Because if we want to compare budgets, all trips must have the same number of days. We have asked all travelers to adapt their trips to that number of days; it's up to you, if you want to spend less or more days; you choose! There are travelers who love a destination so much, that they have more than one trip to the same place. Do not stop following the same destination of a traveler, you would find incredible things.
The budget of each trip is referential. The one shown is the one that the traveler used on his trip. It depends a lot of the anticipation which you plan your trip and the season you go. Prices may vary a lot per season. Travelers, in each of their journeys, will place the date they have made the trip and if you have a prudent time to build yours and you are going in the same season, it is very likely that you will spend the same amount of money.
All trips budgets start and end at an international airport, port or train station of a destination. Unfortunately, we do not know where you came from, so the cost of arriving at the destination may differ a lot. That's why we have not considered it. If you want to travel to more destinations or make more trips of 6 days, we recommend that you use this page so you can connect to another destination and find transportation at a good price.
Budgets do not include immigration rates because we do not know what nationality you belong to, but on each trip you will have a link so you can consult.
Finally, keep in mind that all budgets are per person, but the accommodation is considered a double room (unless you go to a hostel or backpacker that is booked per bed). We also maintain this to make a standard. The budget can change if the user wants a trip alone or they are more than 2 people.