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Sandra de Ugarte

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Hello travelers! My name is Sandra, I am an adventure sports lover; They are my main motivation to go on a trip with alternative routes to do. I am a river instructor kayaker, I love water and I try to stay close to it. However, I also love to practice sports such as climbing, trekking and occasionally cycling adventures. 90% of my trips start because I promised to go visit a new friend I met on a previous trip. I choose my destinations for some incredible rivers that has not yet been ride or some experience that is within my “wish list”. I love being away from the tourist spaces and I rarely find myself walking through big cities, if I do it is because I enjoy good food, culture and architecture. I usually travel with few things because I give priority to my river or mountain equipment; this has taught me to value great experiences rather than unnecessary consumption. I travel with a limited budget and rarely contract tours, but when I do, I limit myself to those who are 100% ecologically responsible. I dare you to know what there is not in tourist guides and take the adrenaline of your body and mind to the fullest, if not today, when?

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