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Peru: Adventures in Lamay, Cuzco

Publication date: 8 Aug 2019
  • Experiences USD 464
  • Accommodation USD 185
  • Transport USD 141
  • Total experience USD 1380

Know the destination

An alternative trip to the Sacred Valley

Meet an unusual route of Cuzco! Escape from the routine, fill yourself with endorphins and do something different. Stay in Lamay!

Spend your days surrounded by nature and doing adventure sports with experts in the field. The town of Lamay is in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and is small but it is an unique place where you can share and be part of the communities. You can also do trekking through “secret” archaeological ruins, ride a bicycle, do kayak in a lake, do yoga and more in a a different town to the common tourist places.

Go ahead and get to know the new paradise of adventure sports and relax without limits. In case you find that one of the tours are very advanced for your level, in my recommendations you can find lighter alternatives. Let’s go and have fun in Cuzco!

DAY TO DAY Itinerary day by day

The prices that appear per day are referential and correspond to the sum of activities that were made that day

    DAY 1 USD

    Take a plane to Cusco and coordinate with your taxi to take you directly to the small town of Lamay in the Sacred Valley. It is advisable to rest well the first day to acclimatize because of the change of heights. Settle into your lodge and walk to Lamay Main Square and search “La Base”. There you can take a “Muña Mate” and organize with them to start day two with the community in the mountains of Lamay.

    DAY 2 USD 90

    Explore the heights of the town of Lamay. Enjoy the Lamay Community Day, a full day sharing and walking around the surroundings of the Huama community. Get ready to know everything about the community, customs, agriculture, food, textiles and much more. You will walk among crops, harvest potatoes, prepare the land to be sown, have lunch with them and be part of the community during the 6-hour tour. Keep in mind that this tour is done only Fridays.

    DAY 3 USD 90

    This day you will visit Huchuyqosqo, the best “secret kept” within the archaeological remains in Cusco. A full day trekking in the mountains of Cusco, visiting Huchuyqosqo and end up in the Sacred Valley, in the town of Lamay. Nature surrounds you as you walk through the creek, a magical Inca trail, full of flora, fauna, water channels and more. You will be filled with energy while having lunch surrounded by nature. It worth the great physical effort! Keep in mind that this tour is only done on Saturdays.

    DAY 4 USD 125

    This day you will be lucky to know the magical lagoon that feeds and gives life to the Lamay Valley. Together with a river kayak instructor and guide, you will paddle and enjoy the magical landscape seen from the lagoon on the heights of the town of Huama. You will learn and enjoy rowing, you will know the local flora and fauna and you will accompany it with a delicious box lunch and some hot mates next to the lagoon throughout the morning (5 hours).

    DAY 5 USD 110

    If you like cross country, this is the perfect bike tour for you. Peru Outdoors Experience will pick you up and take you with all the equipment included to Pisac. Together with your guide, you will ride along the Vilcanota River, along the opposite shore to the track for approximately 1 hour and a half, with a stop to eat a snack and end up in the town of Calca. Take the afternoon to rest or visit a craft market in the Valley.

    DAY 6 USD 49

    Get up and take a private yoga class at your accommodation with Javiera Alarcón. It will help you recover from so many physical days, you will return to your routine with your mind and body aligned. After your class, you can visit the Inkariy Museum in Arín. It shows Peruvian cultures in an innovative and didactic way. In addition, it has a gift shop that you can not miss! It is worth escaping a little while from Lamay to meet it.

ACCOMMODATION Lodging per night

The lodging that is shown in the list of each night is recommended by the traveler, you can find more similar options. The cost is per person in a double bed room.

Night City Recommended accommodation Type of lodging Cost of the person
Night 1 Lamay Casa Amanecer Cottage USD 22
Night 2 Lamay Casa Amanecer Cottage USD 22
Night 3 Lamay Casa Amanecer Cottage USD 22
Night 4 Lamay Casa Amanecer Cottage USD 22
Night 5 Lamay Casa Amanecer Cottage USD 22
Night 6 Cusco El Balcón Hotel USD 75

TRANSPORT Transportation per day

The prices that appear by transport are referential and correspond to what the traveler paid at that moment

Nº Day Origin Destination Link web Type of transport Cost
Day 1 Arpt. Lima (LIM) Arpt. Cusco (CUZ) Plane USD 55
Day 1 Arpt. Cusco (CUZ) Lamay Taxi USD 13
Day 6 Lamay Cusco Center Taxi USD 13
Day 7 Cusco Center Arpt. Cusco (CUZ) Uber USD 5
Day 7 Arpt. Cusco (CUZ) Arpt. Lima (LIM) Plane USD 55

RECOMMENDATIONS Tips for your trip

My favorite time to go to Cusco is between April and May, since it is the time when the rainy season ends, the weather is mild and the landscapes are green! But, between September and November it is also great because temperatures are already increasing.

Lamay is known as the Town of the Cuy, I recommend you go to La Casita de Victoria and try a guinea pig, they are really good! If you want something more classic, I recommend you take a taxi to Pisac and go to Antica Osteria, the pizzas and pastas are amazing, also the place is very nice. Finally if one day you are not very hungry, the La Base chard cakes in Lamay are the best in the whole valley!

I recommend comfortable and sportswear at all times. In this area you have to dress like onion, with many layers. Always ready for any weather. I do not recommend the use of cotton for t-shirts since they do not dry quickly.

Bring sunglasses and a hat, small backpack, always a rain jacket and do not forget the sunscreen.

For the Huchuyqosqo trek I recommend having boots high trek to avoid any accident with the ankles.

In case you are more advanced riding a bike and looking for something more extreme experience, Lamay is the right place for you. I recommend you contact the Chirinos brothers, experts in MTB.


Important information:

To be transferred from Cusco to Lamay, you can hire the taxi that Mr. Ronald drives, his WhatsApp is +51984996796.

For the Kayak tour, they do not need to bring any equipment since they gives you everything, except slippers that can get wet. It is always good to have a change of extra clothes just in case.

La Base tours have fixed days, in this case they would be Friday (Day with Lamay Community) and Saturday (Hike to Huchuyqosqo). Contact them with time in case you want to do it another day of the week at no cost, otherwise there will be an additional charge.

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