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Hi, I’m Valerie, an athlete and communicator by profession and what I like to do most is to travel the world in search of races and new destinations to know. I try to travel at least twice a year, I usually go in search of sun and heat and most of the time I go in search of a race (either a marathon or a triathlon). I usually make my trips myself, I really like to investigate each of the destinations I choose and I always try to do the most in my trips; I try to know everything I can so I end up exhausted. My trips are usually with by my partner (he is also an athlete), with my daughter and sometimes with the family. I usually work hard to cover the costs of travel, I am an entrepreneur, owner of the Don´t Panic Group that currently contains 3 companies below. I really like taking photos and recording everything I do and I am always uploading all this new content in my social network. If you like running and triathlons follow me on the adventure of my trips around the world !!!

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