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He joined in May of the 2019

Hello I am Luli! Since I was a little girl I was passionate about traveling and getting to know new places. For many years I had a job that allowed me to make short trips regularly, and during that time I have traveled to several countries through America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Since December 2017 I am full time traveler, currently traveling through Australia by car. Traveling for me is a constant learning, I am an enthusiast of history; and to know new cultures and people with different realities from mine. I love travel through cities and do a lot of previous research so I can walk without a plan and discover places that do not appear in tourist guides. I enjoy being in contact with nature, diving, taking pictures and having experiences that challenge me. Traveling taught me to open my mind, to live more simply and to value many things that I had previously taken for granted. Have good routes travelers!

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