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Thailand: Andaman Sea

Publication date: 27 Apr 2019
  • Experiences USD 125
  • Accommodation USD 65
  • Transport USD 65
  • Total experience USD 1380

Know the destination

Andaman Sea: Beaches and paradisiacal landscapes.

Thailand is a tropical paradise known for its turquoise water and white sand beaches surrounded by vegetation. Also known as its impressive limestone cliffs that stand out from the sea, giving life to unique and unforgettable landscapes.

The Andaman Sea side has some of the most important attractions for people from around the world such as Maya Bay, famous for being the place where Leonardo DiCaprio’s film “The Beach” was filmed. But also this area is full of beaches of different sizes and different shades of water that are perfect to take that desired postcard picture.

The islands also have several viewpoints that allow you to appreciate the landscapes from different angles and heights. South Thailand has something for all pleasures, so be more adventurous and active or just want to rest in its paradisiacal beaches.

DAY TO DAY Itinerary day by day

The prices that appear per day are referential and correspond to the sum of activities that were made that day

    DAY 1 USD 10

    I arrived at Phuket airport and took a van to Phuket Town. I rented a scooter and went to the Big Buddha which is the biggest Buddha statue in the area and has an amazing view to the sea. Then I rode along the coast to see the roadside beaches and stopped for lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon I walked through Old Phuket Town where I saw beautiful streets and old buildings. In the evening I went to one of the many bars with different styles that are in the area.

    DAY 2 USD 40

    In the morning I took the ferry to Koh Phi Phi which takes 2 hrs. I settled in the hotel and did a guided walk on the island that crosses the jungle through several viewpoints and ends at a beach almost without people where we saw the sunset practically alone. We returned at night crossing the jungle again but on a different path with headlights. In the evening I went to see the fire shows that are in the beach bars every day.

    DAY 3 USD 45

    I took an all-day tour in a longtail boat (traditional boat from Thailand) that took us to different beaches on Koh Phi Phi islands, including the most famous, Bamboo Island and Maya Bay (where the movie “La Beach “by Leonardo DiCaprio), as well as others not so well known and that had less people. A day of unique landscapes that ended with incredible sunset and swimming at night with bioluminescent plankton.

    DAY 4 USD

    In the morning I went to Long Beach, a very nice beach which is reached by walking 30min along the coast and passing by other small beaches and ocean views and jungle. There are several restaurants to eat in front of the sea and it is perfect to relax for a while. In the afternoon I took the ferry to Railay which it took 1.5hrs. I saw the sunset from Railay West beach.

    DAY 5 USD

    I spent the day exploring the different viewpoints and beaches of Railay by foot. In the morning I went to the main viewpoint and to Princess Lagoon. Then I went to Phra Nang beach and the cave at the end of the beach. I stopped to relax for a while on the beach and spent part of the afternoon in a bar near the beach and saw the sunset again from Railay West.

    DAY 6 USD 30

    In the morning I hired a rock climbing guide so Railay is very famous. We did 4 routes with incredible views once you got to the top. In the afternoon, I went to Tonsai which is the bay next door that is less developed. From there you can see the cliffs from another angle. I went back to Railay on the path that goes through the jungle a little farther from the sea. There was nobody on the road. I took a longtail boat to go to Krabi to take my plane out.

ACCOMMODATION Lodging per night

The lodging that is shown in the list of each night is recommended by the traveler, you can find more similar options. The cost is per person in a double bed room.

Night City Recommended accommodation Type of lodging Cost of the person
Night 1 Phuket Eden Hostel Hostel USD 5
Night 2 Koh Phi Phi Harmony House Hotel USD 10
Night 3 Koh Phi Phi Harmony House Hotel USD 10
Night 4 Koh Phi Phi Harmony House Hotel USD 10
Night 5 Railay Rapala Rock Wood Resort Hotel USD 15
Night 6 Railay Rapala Rock Wood Resort Hotel USD 15

TRANSPORT Transportation per day

The prices that appear by transport are referential and correspond to what the traveler paid at that moment

Nº Day Origin Destination Link web Type of transport Cost
Day 1 Arpt Phuket (HKT) Phuket Town Private Transfer USD 10
Day 2 Phuket Town Koh Phi Phi Ferry USD 20
Day 4 Koh Phi Phi Railay Bay Ferry USD 14
Day 7 Railay Bay Krabi Town Taxi Boat USD 6
Day 7 Krabi Town Arpt Krabi (KBV) Taxi USD 15

RECOMMENDATIONS Tips for your trip

In Phuket Town you can not miss Pancake Corner‘s delicious pancakes. There are for all tastes, sweet and salty, and they are all a bomb!

On Phi Phi, if you want to try the real Thai food, Papaya Restaurant is the one. They have an huge variety of dishes and you will surely want to try more than one. I recommend the Massaman Curry, the Panang Curry and the Chicken Cashew Nuts. There is also the Grand PP Arcader, which is for me, the best on the island for varied food. They have a bit of everything, good fusion with seafood, pasta, meat, and of course delicious Thai food. I recommend the Red Curry, pasta with seafood and the burger.

The Banana Bar is a must stop on Koh Phi Phi. You can go at any time of the day to play table tennis, play station, watch the sunset from the rooftop, movies at 7pm or have a few drinks at night. They also have spectacular Mexican food.

In Railay, we can find the Railway Family Restaurant where you will find a delicious local food with good variety and with that homemade touch that we all like.

Important information:

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so it is important to carry cash. In addition, Money Exchange only change new dollar bills, do not accept old ones.

The best time to travel is between November and April. From May to October is rainy season.

Several Latin American countries do not need a visa to enter Thailand, but it is best to confirm it before going.

All hotels have the contact to rent a motorcycle or scooter.

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  • AntonioEngib

    In one hour, I watched the Andaman Sea roll from sunset to dark clouds, the sky painted red and blue, and I was greatly impressed by the vagaries of nature.


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