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Mexico: Los Cabos

Publication date: 24 Oct 2018
  • Experiences USD 244
  • Accommodation USD 182
  • Transport USD 115
  • Total experience USD 1380

Know the destination

Los Cabos and La Paz: tours around the sea of Cortez

Did you know that the Sea of Cortez is one of the most biodiverse seas in the world? Not in vain Cousteau called it “the aquarium of the world”. Therefore, many activities in Baja California Sur are related to the sea. Although on the land there is not as much life as in the water, its landscapes are also amazing: desert, cactus and sunsets as in the movies.

DAY TO DAY Itinerary day by day

The prices that appear per day are referential and correspond to the sum of activities that were made that day

    DAY 1 USD

    To move around Los Cabos and La Paz, the best thing to do is to rent a car at the airport for 6 days. After picking it up and before starting to drive 3 hours to La Paz, take a ride around San José del Cabo. I recommend you go to Mi Casa Restaurant (typical Mexican food, DELICIOUS) and walk around the Plaza de San José.

    DAY 2 USD 60

    Take a tour to Espiritu Santo Island! The tour lasts between 6 or 7 hours. You can´t imagine the colors of the landscape: a celestial sea that contrasts with the red desert. The island is a protected area where nobody lives. You’ll stop at Ensenada Grande for lunch and to enjoy some beach time. In the evening, go for a walk in the Plaza de La Paz.

    DAY 3 USD

    Playa Balandra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California Sur and probably in Mexico. It is known for its mushroom-shaped rock. Go to spend the day there (it is half an hour from La Paz). In the afternoon, drive for about 2 hours to Cabo San Lucas, but on the way do not forget to stop at Todos Santos town, a truly magical place.

    DAY 4 USD 134

    Take the Beach Hopper tour of Caboexpeditions. With them, you will be able to go to the famous Arco and snorkel in one of the best beaches of Los Cabos, which are Santa María and Chileno Bay. Afterwards, go around Cabo San Lucas, have lunch there and in the afternoon do parasailing! Thus, you will have known Los Cabos from the sea and the air.

    DAY 5 USD 50

    Snorkeling in Los Cabos never gets boring. The best place to do it, is definitely Cabo Pulmo. Drive 2 hours and a half from Cabo San Lucas and you will find a natural wonder known as the aquarium of the world. It has one of the best preserved reefs in the Gulf of California.

    DAY 6 USD

    This last day relax and enjoy sunbathing and bathing in El Medano Beach.

ACCOMMODATION Lodging per night

The lodging that is shown in the list of each night is recommended by the traveler, you can find more similar options. The cost is per person in a double bed room.

Night City Recommended accommodation Type of lodging Cost of the person
Night 1 La Paz One La Paz Hotel USD 27
La Perla Hotel
Night 2 La Paz One La Paz Hotel USD 27
La Perla Hotel
Night 3 Cabo San Lucas Hotel Mar de Cortez Hotel USD 32
Cabo Vista Hotel
Night 4 Cabo San Lucas Hotel Mar de Cortez Hotel USD 32
Cabo Vista Hotel
Night 5 Cabo San Lucas Hotel Mar de Cortez Hotel USD 32
Cabo Vista Hotel
Night 6 Cabo San Lucas Hotel Mar de Cortez Hotel USD 32
Cabo Vista Hotel

TRANSPORT Transportation per day

The prices that appear by transport are referential and correspond to what the traveler paid at that moment

Nº Day Origin Destination Link web Type of transport Cost
Day 1 Arpt San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) La Paz Car Rental X 6 Days USD 85
Day 3 La Paz Cabo San Lucas Car Rental USD
Day 5 Cabo San Lucas Cabo Pulmo Car Rental USD
Day 5 Cabo Pulmo Cabo San Lucas Car Rental USD
Day 7 Cabo San Lucas Arpt San Jose del Cabo (SJD) Car Rental USD

RECOMMENDATIONS Tips for your trip

To be able to drive with confidence, I recommend having a GPS in the phone. To buy a plan with internet, go to Wallmart or Oxxo and there buy a SimCard. I paid around $ 10 for 3GB.

In San José del Cabo, I recommend you go to Mi Casa Restaurant.

In Cabo San Lucas, I recommend to go to the restaurant The Crazy Lobster.

Important information:

If you go in summer, be prepared because the heat literally kills

In the tour to Espiritu Santo Island, you will see several marine species: turtles (if you’re lucky), sea lions and fish of thousands of colors. People of the tour  gives you the equipment for snorkeling.

The total value of the car rental is US $ 170 and is divided between two people for the 6 days leaving US $ 85 per person. A total cost of US $ 60 is calculated between parking and gasoline. If they are two people, it is US $ 30 per person.

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